Diary of a Pakistani Vegetable Cart Community Culture through Multimedia


  • Atteqa Malik


Digital Storytelling, Pakistan, Vegetable Cart, Heritage, Multimedia


In 2004, my proposal for a multimedia project called "Diary of a Pakistani vegetable cart" won third prize at an international competition organized by Nabi Art Center, Korea and supported by the International Council of Museums and UNESCO Digiarts. It was based on "Digital Storytelling of Intangible Heritage". For this project, still under production, local community culture was interpreted for a global audience through my interactions. The approach has been to document then distill and display the contributors involved in sustaining an old tradition. Multimedia is being used to bring all the participants together in one installation. A vegetable cart and its vendor, customers, recipies, children learning about vegetables through song and other city cart vendors appear as manifestations of my memories. This paper will show some concepts I used as the basis for my work, inviting feedback that could help overcome challenges faced in doing justice to my ideas.






Exploratory Papers - Session (4): Museums and Cultural Expression