Users Participation in the Design and Implementation of Health Information Systems Programme in Indian Context - Myths and Realities

  • Zubeeda Banu Quraishy
Keywords: India, Decentralization, User participation, Implementation, Health Information Systems


User participation has long been considered a key variable in the successful development of information systems[1,3]. However, in practice particularly in developing countries it has been proved that involving users in design and implementation of information systems is not an easy task as both political and social structures are highly rigid, bureaucratic and hierarchical in nature. Legislations were enacted to introduce decentralization as it was felt that decentralization would bring government closer to people and also the existence of local political arenas make easier for ordinary citizens to participate and exert influence. But even the measures taken by the government have proved futile as it was difficult to break the monopolisation of power by certain elite groups which is often the consequence of centralized political and administrative structures [ 5, 6, 8,13]. This study provides a scenario of myths and realities of decentralization, users participation in the design and implementation of project in the Indian context.
Exploratory Papers - Session (5): Health and Care in Diverse Contexts