Workshop Material


All the workshop material:
  • Technology and Social Action by Andy Dearden, Steve Walker
  • Innovation Play: Visualization and Storytelling for Engaging Participation in Design by Gitte Jonsdatter, Judith Gregory
  • Elito: A Method for Practicing Research-Based Design by Trysh Wahlig
  • Collaborative Scenario Planning - Tools, Methods and Use by Anne Fairbrother
  • Translating Representations of the Past to Representations of the Future by Jens Pedersen, Brendon Clark, Joachim Halse
  • Participatory Design Projects and Working Styles by Andrea Sieber, Mandy Kr?uter
  • Agent-Oriented Analysis and Design for Participatory and User-Centred Design by Vincenzo D'Andrea, Anna Perini, Massimo Zancanaro
  • PaperWorks - Designing for Paper Technologies by Bo Peterson, Lone Malmborg, Trine Freiesleben, Johan Salo, M?rten Pettersson
  • Locating Boundaries: A Workshop on Place, Space and Design by Julian E. Orr, Thomas Binder, Dvora Yanow, Erling Bj?rgvinsson, Steven Harrison, Gunnar Sandin, Genevieve Bell
  • Learner-Centered Design: Developing a Participatory Approach by Emma J. Rose, Kathleen Gygi
  • Reconfiguring Healthcare: Issues in Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Healthcare Environments by Ellen Balka, Ina Wagner
  • Co-Investigating User-Experiences in Pervasive iTV Future Scenarios by Daria Loi, Anxo C. Roib?s
  • Prototypes as Probes by Hillary Carey Steckbauer, Jill Lawrence, Austin Henderson, Brian Romansky
  • Wearing Conversations by ?sa St?hl, Kristina Lindstr?m
Conference Workshops