Double Room: An Exploration of Public Space with the "Zen View"

  • Susanne Schuricht
  • Michael Hohl
  • Mirjam Struppek
Keywords: Public Space, Urban Experience, Temporary Architecture, Time and Space, Perception, Observation, Voyeurism, Interactive Installation, Zen View


Double Room, by the artist Susanne Schuricht, is an interactive installation in public space attempting to make its "users" look at their surrounding from a fresh perspective and enabling them to become susceptible (again) to the appearance of their city, its state of permanent change and the relation to ones fellow citizens. By moving sliding wall partitions, participants re-frame the cityscape visible from inside the room. At the same time a video camera records these activities from an outside perspective and displays them inside with a delay. Activities of a predecessor become visible on a display, while own activities will become visible for future visitors.
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