• Jacky Sawatzky
Keywords: participatory art, new-media, RGB-colorspace, politics of digital imaging technology, color perception, computer programming


R.g.b-project is an experiential project in which participants are invited to interact with the surrounding environment mediated by the concepts of the R(ed)G(reen)B(lue)-color space, the color space commonly used in digital technology. Participants are asked to go on a color-walk using a video camera to document one of the three colors, Red, Green or Blue. The footage is then imported into a computer application, the R.g.b-surveillance machine. This application uses the biases of digital imaging technology towards the colors, red, green and blue to create a cinematic tool. The participants create a dialogue with this tool's parameters in relationship with the camera, the color pallet of the environment they are shooting in and one's own perception of red, green and blue
Art Installations