• Natacha Roussel
Keywords: Wearables haptic, Soft interaction, Sculptural interfaces, multiuser, playful interaction


"Feel as you watch, think as you walk" Fernando Pessoa One's walk rhythm suit captures the rhythm of its user's path and transforms it into a rhythmic sound diffused in the same collar of the suit. As interactivity enters every scene of our life Experientiae Electricae concentrates relating directly to the interface, we design for the human body, and against it, taking it as a data source for the production of poetic content. while the needs for intelligent clothing are usually defined in areas related to intensive use of the body, mainly sports, health and military. Our concern is to use technology in meeting other uses and needs that I would call inmost and not functional. One's walk puts a rhythmic emphasis on the act of walking in a urban environment in order to highlight the consciousness of our body movements in a meditative way.
Art Installations