Pegaso3: An interactive Multimedia Installation by Gruppo L?bun

  • Alessandro Perini
Keywords: Interaction, Multimedia, Art Installation, Sound and Color, Perceptual Boundaries Navigation


Gruppo L?bun, made up of Vincenzo D'Angelo, Stefano Fumagalli and Alessandro Perini, is an Italian trio interested in research in the field of electronic and contemporary music, especially in establishing relationships between music and other artistic disciplines. This paper provides a description of Pegaso3, an interactive multimedia installation by Gruppo L?bun, based on the sculpture Pegaso by Paolo Minoli. The installation makes use of sound and colored lights in order to define an artificial environment that can be modified by visitors. As a matter of fact, people can navigate the boundaries between space and light and sound simply by interacting with three theremins (i. e. antennas used as musical instruments, invented in the beginning of the 20th century). The environment defined by users' interaction surrounds both the audience and the sculpture, with coherent reference to Minoli's idea about the interaction of sculptural works with the landscape, expanding the potentials of this relationship.
Art Installations