Shifting Nature

  • Lin Yew Cheang
  • Guan Hong Yeoh
Keywords: Interactive, nature, art, visual, inspiration, generative arts, experience, communication.


Human communication has evolved from ancient times to the modern world. From body gesture to verbal language, from drawing to writing to text messages, humans are always trying to find the best way to express themselves. Communication is always associated with experience, culture, environment and medium (technology). This paper explains the process, methodology and findings of a visual experimentation entitled "Shifting Nature". The experimentation focuses on the investigation concerning how visual imagery will influence the behaviour of a viewer. Abstraction is used in this experimentation as the author's attempt to find the characteristic of visual communication experience in this modern world. The experimentation also focuses on the responses and feedback from audiences that relate to human senses and environment. It testifies how effective and efficient visual forms can be used as a medium of communication.
Art Installations