"NeonAlbers" Digipainting

  • Pekka Ala-Siuru
Keywords: Interactive art, ubiquitous computing, UbiArt, information visualization, user participation


In this paper we introduce an artistic artefact "NeonAlbers" which is a part of a larger system prototype in which traditional human-computer interface is hidden inside electronic art pieces in the home environment. In that prototype an electronic art piece acts as a communication device as well as an artistic artefact. "NeonAlbers" is an interactive artwork constructed with light and sound levelsensors and two displays, which are hanging on the wall. The audience can alter the digipainting's colors by triggering the light sensors in the environment. The artwork includes also loudspeakers. The purpose of the work is to study new ways to visualise information in the home environment and create new ubiquitous human-artefact interfaces.
Art Installations