Introduction: "ParticipART" : Art Track Exhibition of the Participatory Design Conference 2006

  • Elisa Giaccardi
  • Giulio Jacucci
  • Debra Cash
  • Leah A. Lievrouw
  • Bo Helgeson
  • Ina Wagner
Keywords: Art, culture, creative practices, participatory design


Following the success of the Participatory Design Conference (PDC) Art Track exhibitions 2002 and 2004, ParticipART includes work of artists and creative practitioners incorporating or reflecting on participatory processes to support new roles and forms of engagement for the audience. The exhibition aims to create an inspiring space for discussion that can enliven and enrich the dialogue between participatory design and the creative practices. In this paper we discuss our motivation, the exhibition theme, the works selected, and their potential impact.
Art Installations