Mindtape: A Tool for Reflection in Participatory Design


  • Janni Nielsen
  • Nina Christiansen


Video, learning, meeting cultures, Participatory Design, Scandinavian System developmen, CSCw


This paper reports on the explorative use of video recordings in studies of distributed collaboration. The primary goal is for the analyst to acquire a better understanding of the interaction. A concurrent aim is to take the Scandinavian System Development tradition one step further and explore, together with users, what goes on in their minds. For this purpose, a method called Mindtape has been developed, the essence of which is to review a priori selected video sequences in a dialogue with the users. Mindtape enhances the analyst's understanding and helps to clarify or reject interpretations. At the same time, it shows promising possibilities as a tool for mutual learning processes. The users become aware of obstacles, new behaviors and meeting cultures evolving. By allowing users and analysts to get a better understanding of the process of interaction, Mindtape may also be used to inform design.






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